"My Secret" is not just a sanitary napkin brand!

This is the story of the management team of "BALEX-SP" EOOD, driven by the desire and aspiration to create products with a revolutionary design for intimate feminine hygiene, combining the comfort that every woman dreams of - sanitary napkins that are uniquely thin, inconspicuous, made of harmless materials and at the same time extremely reliable.

"My Secret" are sanitary napkins you can trust!

The manufacturer of "My Secret" sanitary napkins is the company "BALEX-SP" EOOD, which was established in 2011. The company started its operations with a production line for daily sanitary napkins. Currently, the company has state-of-the-art equipment and automated facilities, equipped with digital-program management of the processes for the production of a full range of dressings with its own registered trademark "My Secret". Our production meets all norms, requirements and standards for intimate feminine hygiene and is known in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia, Uzbekistan, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Quality control

A quality control officer at the company "Balex - SP" daily monitors all stages of the production process and monitors compliance with the technology for each individual product. The materials used in "My Secret" sanitary napkins are produced by leading and well-established global companies, and each batch is accompanied by the relevant quality control certificates.

All products from the "My Secret" series have been tested in accordance with the quality standards for intimate feminine hygiene products. Each batch produced is controlled by laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health. The entire range of products is subjected to microbiological tests to avoid the risk of contamination with unacceptable microorganisms and pathogens, as well as the prevention of unwanted allergic reactions. Our company has a built-in system for incoming quality control of the materials used and the products produced.

Our factory

The beginning of the production was set in 2011 and is a continuation of the accumulated long-term experience of the management team in the production and trade of sanitary hygiene products.
"BALEX - SP" EOOD owns two modern, fully automated and high-tech production lines, each of which has a capacity of over 500 sanitary napkins per minute.

For hygienic /daily/ sanitary napkins, suitable for everyday use in two varieties - anatomical and bikini / thong.

For cyclic sanitary napkins, producing in two series SENSITIVE and DRYSILK the full range of sanitary napkins for cycle - night and day.
Production processes are fully automated - from loading of raw materials to packaging of the final product. In minutes, the inserted materials - AIRLAID with absorbent granules, hydrophobic sensitive delicate surface materials, adhesives and packaging materials are processed and turned into ready-to-use sanitary napkins. Each of the assembly lines is staffed by employees who constantly monitor the correct flow of the production process. All this magic takes place in our own production facility with a controlled and clean working environment.

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