Double Pack Daily sanitary napkin with flexible wings – Drysilk
February 28, 2017
Double Pack Daily sanitary napkin with flexible wings – Sensitive
February 28, 2017

Double Pack Nightly sanitary napkin with flexible wings – Sensitive

Nightly sanitary napkins. Protect the underwear from contamination during a monthly cycle. Discrete, thin and soft. Their surface layer SENSITIVE PRECISION is soft as cotton designed specifically for sensitive skin and does not cause allergies. With their extended back part, their anatomical shape provides a relaxed sleep, without worries about the flowing, a sense of purity, dryness and freshness in delicate days. Suitable for use in strong discharge. Their special flexible wings fix the napkin in the correct position and do not allow lateral flow.

Number of napkins in a package: 14 pcs.
Number of packages in a carton: 12 pcs.
Package weight: 113 г.
Napkin size: 280 mm x 150 mm

1. HYPOALLERGENIC TOP LAYER - SENSITIVE PRECISION - Suitable for sensitive skin. Comfortable and soft like cotton.
2. BLUECORE - It distributes the liquid evenly throughout the active surface. 100% plant cellulose without chlorine.
3. HYPER ACTIVE SAP - Provides rapid absorption and turns the liquid into a gel.
4. AIR PE FILM- Protects from flowing and maintains normal skin pH.
5. Siliconized paper.
6. Specially designed material for individual packaging.

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