Our factory

The production was launched in 2011 and is a continuation of the long-standing experience of the management team in the production and trade of sanitary napkins.
"Balex - SP" Ltd. owns two modern, fully automated and high technology production lines, each with a capacity of over 500 pieces of sanitary napkins per minute.

  • For hygienic /everyday / sanitary napkins suitable for everyday use in two varieties - anatomic and bikini;

  • Cyclic napkins, producing in two series SENSITIVE and DRYSILK the full range of napkins for the night and daytime.
The production processes are fully automated - from the loading of the raw materials to packaging the final product. In minutes, the materials - AIRLAID with absorbent granules, hydrophobic sensitive delicate surface materials, adhesives and packaging materials are processed and converted into ready-to-use sanitary napkins. Each one of the production lines is serviced by employees who constantly monitor the proper production process. All this magic takes place in our own factory with a controlled and clean work environment.