About us

"My Secret" is not just a brand of women's sanitary napkins!

This is the history of the management team of "BALEX-SP" Ltd., driven by the desire and the strive to create products with revolutionary design for intimate women's hygiene, combining the comfort, dreamed of every woman - women's sanitary napkins that are uniquely thin, unobtrusive, made from harmless materials and at the same time extremely reliable.

You can trust "My SECRET”!

The producer of the women's sanitary napkins "My Secret" is the company "BALEX-SP" Ltd., which was established in 2011. The company started its activity with a single production line for the production of everyday ladies sanitary napkins. At present, the company has the most up-to-date equipment and automated capacities equipped with digital program management for the production of a complete range of napkins with a registered trademark "My Secret". Our production meets all norms, requirements and standards for intimate women's hygiene and is well known except in Bulgaria but in Ukraine, Macedonia, Uzbekistan, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.